Our Story


We exist to support women entrepreneurs to scale beyond $1m and revolutionize the way business is done one more woman at a time.


We are co-creating a future where 10m impact-driven women entrepreneurs own their worth and generate over $1m in revenue annually by 2030.

We’re co-creating a future where...

  • Women own their share of the world’s wealth.
  • Women hold a much higher number of CEO positions in Fortune 500 companies.
  • Women are leading the change for financial gender equality through their visible leadership.
  • Women entrepreneurs and CEOs globally are embodying their worth and are generating over $1M in revenue annually.
  • Women of the world unite to momentously change the way wealth is distributed.
  • Women everywhere lift each other up and are lifted up by people of all genders.

The Big Picture

In 2016, The Global Goals for Sustainable Development were set in motion by the UN. One of the 17 goals, Goal 5, aims to end gender inequality by 2030. We believe if we do our part and focus on ending financial gender inequality, there will be massive impact on the other 16 goals including: decent work and economic growth; peace, justice, and strong institutions; climate action; good health and well-being; no poverty and zero hunger.

Our Values

The values of the One More Woman movement challenge all women to help each other be:


Using our aptitude for relationships and elevating our connections with other women, we support and uplift each other to feel secure in who we are and powerful in what we can accomplish.


Believing that the resources of our planet need to be redistributed, we provide women entrepreneurs with education, connections, tools, knowledge, and money to thrive.


By cultivating connections in new and innovative ways, allowing for authentic relationships, we build teams and networks that provide entrepreneurs with essential support to share their purpose.


Knowing that together we are supported, connected, empowered, and resourced, we bravely take action to solve our problems, achieve our goals, and make a powerful impact on the world with our success.


Because the world needs what each of us has to offer, we are empowered to take action, achieve greatness, and “be the change” that creates positive impact as we fulfill our chosen purpose.


Infusing the world with feminine leadership and values, we use gratitude, compassion, win-win partnerships, and the union of mind and heart to positively shift how the world lives and conducts business.

A few facts

To show you where we are today


The rate that women are outpacing men entering entrepreneurship in the US.

One in five

And yet, only one in five companies that generate a million or more is owned/run by a woman.

Under 15%

And, only 14% of bank loans and under 5% of all venture capital is going to a company run by a woman or with a woman on the executive team.

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