The Movement

The #OneMoreWoman Movement

When you join our movement, you are getting access to honest conversation, the latest in latest discoveries for scaling your business beyond $1M, and a community of fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders who have your back. You are in essence, taking part in changing the course of history and helping to create a more sustainable future for our planet.

We are women who…


We #GoMakeMeaning

Constantly #HaveHerBack

Know that #NoOneWinsAlone

Are #PlayfulHeroines

Have an #AbundanceMindset


Imagine a world where you are truly uplifted by your peers, while you are among the top female CEO’s of an ever-advancing Fortune 500 company. A world where you help empower other female entrepreneurs during a brilliant shift of financial gender equality, and a world where diversity benefits everyone.

Imagine the wonderful days in our near future where women own 50% of the world's wealth, 50% of the world's businesses and have a commanding presence in the board rooms with ease and normalcy.


It starts here. Welcome to #OneMoreWoman.


Welcome to a movement where this dream will become the new reality. An undertaking that is breaking down barriers of financial inequality, while building up self-worth, community, and respect for woman across the globe.

Together, we are creating a future where 10 Million impact-driven women entrepreneurs each generate over $1 Million revenue annually by 2030. Together, we will revolutionize the way business is done. Together, we will lift each other up.


One More Woman at a time.

Our Courses


Money Maven is a monthly membership accelerator program that walks you through the Millionaire Method 12-month process to accelerate your business growth. Through weekly Millionaire Method video courses and training, live monthly advisory calls, group challenges and an exclusive community of impact oriented entrepreneurs who have your back, This breakthrough accelerator is everything you need, as an entrepreneur, tclear the 6 figure mark and continue climbing. All together, supporting you as you evolve your relationship with money, increase your income and make a bigger impact on the world!


Our year long mastermind program for talented, impact-oriented and heart-centered entrepreneurs is a cutting-edge experience designed to allow our members to exponentially grow, both personally and professionally. Through various strength-assessing tools including expert teachers, weekly money dates and web-classes, community collaboration, abundance partners, access to a board of advisors, and high impact education, our members become forces of nature that sweep the planet and create real change for good.


Are you ready to fully own + earn your worth?

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