Jennifer Love

Visionary CEO.
Agent of Abundance.
Nationally Acclaimed Business Advisor.
International Business Strategist.
Dog Mom. Chocolate Expert. Adventure Seeker.

“With Jennifer, the only possible outcome is success!” - Private Client

Jennifer Love, an award-winning, 5-time serial entrepreneur has helped businesses raise over $100 million in funding over the past 20 years.

Fortune 200 companies, celebrities, and Shark Tank-conquering entrepreneurs have all sought her out for her growth strategies.

Jennifer was the co-founding CEO of NibMor chocolate, one of America’s top candy brands. A trailblazer with a heart that matches her name, Jennifer is now determined to end financial gender inequality by helping women become masterful with finances.

Today Jennifer is a keynote speaker and the Visionary CEO of One More Woman, a metrics-driven, educational, and advisory organization that helps high-impact women entrepreneurs scale their businesses to $1 million and beyond annually.


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Welcome to the New Era - The Love Economy
It’s time to step into your power and evolve from the old scarcity based economic paradigm to the new model of economic growth – The Love Economy.  In this new model we embody financial and social health, collaboration over competition, aligning with your true north, radical reciprocity, and co-creation.

What you get:

  • Identify YOUR Money Story and how it’s holding YOU back from being powerful with money.
  • Discover how to step into your power as a feminine leader.
  • How to implement the Love Economy into your life and business.
Activate Your Feminine Leadership Superpowers
As women we’ve been taught to compete with one another. We now know this road leads directly to scarcity and lack. Today, forty-one percent of the female population is poor or on the verge of poverty – there is a path to reversing this trend. Women have been granted the natural gifts of nurturing and uplifting others – it’s time to activate these feminine leadership super-powers to create a sustainable world of abundance, equality and connection.

What you get:

  • Get clear on your true source of power and value. (Hint Hint…It doesn’t come from competition or perfectionism.)
  • Learn the #1 mindset shift that creates effortless success and abundance.
  • Receive and offer support to transform competition into allies and experience the power of a community that has your back on every level.
Unleash Exponential Growth
Most companies are blind to one of their greatest resources and have yet to discover how to leverage the strengths of women. The businesses that do not learn how to step into the new economic paradigm – The Love Economy – will fall behind. The good news…you can exceed your vision of what’s possible by activating the key principles of this new model and thrive in unforeseen ways.

What you get:

  • Discover your greatest untapped gold mine and what the latest science and research has uncovered about a gender diverse team.
  • Learn to activate your team’s super powers and exponentially accelerate productivity, team happiness, and your bottom line!
  • Enjoy the benefits of a holistic approach to business growth, one that inspires true wellness that creates a better life for you, your team and the world.

Jennifer brought her magnetic presence, passion, and incredible experience to the stage. The entire room was riveted. Her strong background in business mentoring is only eclipsed by her dedication to inspire and support other women to thrive and succeed. I would recommend her for any event where women's business and the future of female leadership is on the docket!

Alex Jamieson
Co Owner, Host & Best Selling Author, Super Size Me & HerRulesRadio

Jennifer moved the room filled with over 200 people with her energy and passion. She empowers women and men to be their best and break through to the next level. My paws are up for JLove!

Naeem Mahmood
National Speaker & Trainer

I was fortunate to sit in an audience of 500+ people to hear Jennifer speak. I was blown away by her energy and stage presence. It captivated everyone in the room and enhanced her already very powerful message. To top it off, she genuinely cares for people and you definitely feel that when you hear her speak.

Graham Young
Disruptive Performance Coach & Speaker

Jennifer's commitment to women and their personal and professional growth is staggering. She's unstoppable. She brilliantly orchestrates research and combines that with actionable takeaways that are easy to implement immediately. If you want to be where the action is, join Jennifer.

Amanda Steinberg
Founder & CEO, Daily Worth | Worth FM

Yes! Jennifer Love is the voice I've been waiting to hear. She balances her dynamic masculine side with her compassionate feminine side with grace and humor, she had me both laughing and crying during her time on stage. Her message and story are so powerful and brings about a shift in perception of what's possible if we change the ways we relate to money. I feel more hopeful and inspired after listening to Jennifer and I have a new understanding of where I need to get to work in my own life! Thank you Jennifer Love!
Karna Liv Nau
Sustainable Business Coach & Co-host , The Next Leaders Podcast

CEO. Entrepreneur.

Jennifer Love is on a mission, through the One More Woman movement (a fast-track, metrics driven, educational and advisory organization), to end financial gender inequality. She is determined to lead 10 million high-impact women entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses beyond $1 million annually AND helping them fully own and earn their worth.

As a Visionary CEO, she is helping women entrepreneurs re-write the language of money: taking the stress out of the money equation and becoming masterful with finances, so women can effectively raise, make, manage, and give money. She is effectively supercharging women’s superpowers in business.

Nationally-Acclaimed Advisor.

On a given day, she may be found serving as a judge for events like Startup Weekend, on stage speaking to a variety of audiences, preparing entrepreneurs to land a shark on Shark Tank, advising a client behind the scenes of Biz Fix with Marcus Lemonis, meeting with community leaders and government officials, negotiating with investors, advising leaders of Fortune 200 companies and celebrities in growth strategies, or training communities of entrepreneurs on both mindset and tactical skills.

International Business Strategist.

Her current company portfolio includes the national award-winning chocolate company, NibMor, and the internationally-famed waste reduction technology company, Loliware. Collectively, Jennifer has advised, raised, or participated in generating over $100+ million in funding over the past 20 years for various businesses. She has a proven track record of building highly successful companies from the ground up.

Key Note Speaker.

As a key note speaker, media commentator, and contributing writer, Jennifer focuses on topics of leadership, entrepreneurship, fundraising, gender equality in business, and the investment community.

She holds a Masters degree in Organizational Behavior, a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and is a Certified Health Coach.

“JLove” as she is affectionately called, is beloved by those around her because she gets results.

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