What do stories do for us?

Stories are simply a constellation of our emotions, our belief systems, our values, sometimes the images that we see.

It gives meaning to our experiences in life, right?

What I find interesting about stories, is that when we experience something that’s really emotionally charged, there’s some stuff that’s happening in our brain.

See, the brain releases neurochemicals, specifically dopamine.

Our neurochemicals are being released into our body when we tell ourselves stories, specifically emotionally charged stories.

Ultimately your beliefs, your thoughts, and your values are truly being controlled by your body and, therefore, your life.

Here’s the thing, just like any other chemical or drug, we can become addicted.

We can become addicted to those neurochemicals that our brain is releasing, whether we keep recounting a positive or negative experience.

It’s, essentially, acting as a reward mechanism, so, in a sense, we’re becoming addicted to creating the same experiences over and over and over, because our brain wants that familiar hit.

Even if we don't like the story.

Now, let me ask you a question:

How do you feel about money?
Does Money flow easily to you?
Do you always have more than enough?
Is your business overflowing with customers?
Do you wake up every day knowing you will have everything you need in your bank account?

What is the story you tell about those answers, without even thinking about it?

While you don’t necessarily want to create the same experience over and over again, your brain is addicted to the chemical release and, therefore, you’re staying stuck in the same pattern.

The same thing rings true for anything in our life, including our money story.

Feast or famine.


I’m not enough.

Sound familiar?

Most money stories sounds the same, and comes out in many different ways.

We stay stuck in the story, because our brain is getting that hit over and over and over again.

While we are so freaking frustrated, because we don’t want that same experience to happen again, because we’re addicted to the neurochemical release that’s controlling our body that’s controlling our life, we’re living in this pattern that’s just...

Well, it's not a pleasant place to be as a business owner.

But, there's hope!

We can re-wire a NEW story to play in our subconscious.

By eliminating the blame, shame, and guilt and just allowing compassion for everything that’s happened in our life, we begin to release the addiction.

Stop living in auto-pilot and take BACK control of your business and cash flow by RE-WRITING YOUR MONEY STORY.

I have helped hundreds of women do this, with a specific 2-step process and created a worksheet to support and guide you along the way.

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