A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. ~Cardinal Mermillod


Friend. Confidante. Caregiver. Teacher. Trailblazer. Provider. Mother.

Many hats, many jobs, many roles. Moms truly do it all, and we are so very grateful for all of the mothers out there.

We then have entrepreneurs, who lay the groundwork for a better, advanced, more versatile future.

And combining the two?

This combination gives us a powerhouse of highly respected mompreneurs who are making a difference both inside and outside of their homes.

As we devote our week ahead to acknowledging all mother’s, we’d like to dip into our ammo of remarkable mompreneurs within our own One More Woman community; recognizing their story, understanding their nitty gritty, and gaining their advice.

Lisa Canning – Boutique Interior Design; Blueprints for a Beautiful Life.

On knowing what’s best for your business.

Mom to six beautiful children, Lisa epitomizes the need to continually upkeep her work/life integration. She states that the best thing she did for both her growing business and growing family was reverse-engineering her company, so it concentrated more on her strengths. Lisa changed its model to reflect a consultation-based business resulting in huge improvements; as she stopped wasting time on areas of her business that weren’t her specialty. This plan allows her to showcase her strengths, while outsourcing where needed. Most importantly, the decision has uncovered more time throughout the day to spend with her small kids.

“I used to run my interior design business the way everyone else did- always looking sideways to see what my colleagues were doing. Now, I measure success inwardly, looking at what makes me happy- which very much includes how much time I spend with my children.”


Connect with Lisa at www.lisacanning.ca






Danielle Diamond – Xen Strength Yoga

On overcoming challenges

Danielle created and currently runs a revolutionary yoga and meditation brand - Xen Strength Yoga. Danielle’s intuitive outlook and entrepreneurial drive were both put to the test when she was sidelined for hip surgery two years ago. As her entire career was dependent on the health and movement of her body, it forced her to think outside the box while positioning herself elsewhere. Danielle soon began writing for the wellness industry as well as developing nutritional products, therefore able to put a positive spin on her surgery.

“As an entrepreneur, the biggest struggle I face on a daily basis is sitting behind a computer alone for hours. I try to counteract that by meeting friends for lunch, meeting for walk dates in the park, and using Facetime to connect with people- it feels more personal than email…. Overall, I try to find a sense of balance. Sometimes this means that my kids get more time, and sometimes my work does- but we're all healthy and happy, so I hope I'm doing something right!”

Check Danielle out at www.xenstrength.com




Alex Jamieson – Health and life coach, podcast host, and founder of Alexandra Vitality supplements for women

On advice for other entrepreneurs

While in the start-up phase of her business, Alex was putting in 18+ hour days. The result? Exhaustion, depression, and a blurred plan forward. Her answer to turning the tide was finally taking time for herself. Investing in time-off, housekeepers, and alone time has helped endorse her success and her ability to be a true messenger in the crowded field of women’s health.

When commenting on the most rewarding aspect of being a mompreneur, she was happy to highlight the freedom of managing her own schedule. “I love that I'm showing my son that you can create the kind of career you want, not just work in someone else's framework.”

More on Alex at www.AlexandraJamieson.com

We were honored to chat with a few of the mothers in our One More Woman tribe, and share some of their nuggets of wisdom just for you. If you know a mompreneur that deserves to be celebrated, share her story in our Facebook community! Let’s uplift each other while coming together in celebrating all mothers.

Wishing all you moms a healthy, relaxing Mother’s Day spent with family and loved ones.

THANK YOU for being the devoted women we are inspired to work alongside with, for promoting feminine leadership while relentlessly supporting and lifting one another up, all while paving the way for the young women of tomorrow. Together, we can break barriers, scale our businesses and own our worth. One business, one family and One More Woman at a time.