Have you ever realized that your competition is doing the exact same thing as you?


This is what we can call an “Oh Shit!” Moment.  Most businesswomen are destined to experience it at one point or another.


Let me tell you about mine.


I had a meeting with another visionary, Julia Pimsleur, and during this conversation we realized how similar our business goals are.  We both want to help women entrepreneurs scale up to over 1 million dollars.  We both focus on education to entrepreneurs.  And we both embrace similar strategies to accomplish our goals.


I walked away from this meeting thinking how great Julia is, how talented and creative. But I also experienced a heaviness, an inner “Oh Shit!” Moment, because I had thought I was the only person working toward my particular goals, and I had just found out somebody else was doing basically the same thing.


Ugh.  The heaviness sank in.  But then, on my way to Starbucks from the train, I spoke with my Abundance Partner.



We talked it over.  And it became clear: My goal of helping 10 million women scale above 1 million is a huge mission … and I will need to collaborate to do this … and even then 10 million won’t be enough.  There will still be so much to do to ensure that women reach their full financial potential in the world.  (Learn more about our goals here)


Right!  With goals this big, we need more people like Julia out there.  We need many more One More Woman in the World (say that 5 times fast).  And if we work together, if we collaborate to forge this positive change, then suddenly the moment moves from ...


Oh Shit! … to … Oh Great!


For me, and hopefully for you, this is a mind-blowing perspective shift.


Suddenly we can reframe competition as collaboration.  And collaboration enables us to scale up our efforts to achieve our goals.


The specific solution that came from this enlightening conversation with my Abundance Partner is to speak with Julia about what she is really good at and what I’m really good at so we could focus and achieve our shared goals together.  (For you money nerds out there, a textbook economic analogy is specialization to achieve economies of scale.  It works.)


What enabled me to achieve this drastic reframe?


I understood the metrics of my vision.  I understood that this alignment between metrics and vision requires milestones, or “backcasting.”


Backcasting = defining a desirable future and then working backwards to identify the milestones needed to get there


Getting clear on metrics and how they align with your goals and vision informs:

  • WHO you’re collaborating with
  • WHO you’re hiring
  • HOW you’re spending advertising dollars
  • HOW you spend your time


This alignment is powerful.  Competition becomes collaboration, and that is an important, dynamic perspective shift.


Do you have any current competitors who you can turn into future collaborators by reframing your perspective?  Let me know here.


Jennifer Love, Visionary CEO

It's Time To Own & Earn Your Worth!