Money Mavens
So your business has some traction (woohoo!)
You're still holding onto that day job in order to make ends meet.
Yet, you can picture yourself making six figures, hiring amazing staff, and living
​​​​​​​out the entrepreneurial dream.
It still just seems so far away, doesn’t it... 
A proven resource to making 6 figures so the next time you listen to ‘This Girl is On Fire’ by Alicia Keys you think to yourself “that’s ME!”
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A money faucet of consistent income, so you can be confident the money is always there (even for an impromptu weekend to the mountains!)
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Working with a fun team of experts who have made 6 and 7 figures already (friends and family are awesome, but Mom and Dad’s advice isn’t cutting it)
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Breaking through your overwhelming To-Do-List so it doesn’t feel like your Tinder account where you’re juggling 101 potential dates and can’t keep track of what’s-what anymore
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A community of women entrepreneurs who have your back (because doing it alone is boring, harder, and will take more time.) Results are quicker, more seamless, and it's so much more fun doing it with ladies that #GotYourBack!
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Money Mavens
It's a business playground for women entrepreneurs who are up to big things in the world. A place where you can leave your shame, guilt, and fear at the door because it’s a safe place to do the real-work with leaders who really care.

Imagine everything you crave...
Mind-blowing and easy to implement business advice that changes everything in your business for the better...

+ Saying good-bye to working for someone else, and instead, working for yourself

+ Finding new and creative ways to add value

+ Being surrounded by amazing business women, yes WOMEN who are not catty and who actually dig in to support you and have your back while your business skyrockets.
...and so much more, supporting you as you evolve your relationship with money, increase your income, and make an even more positive impact on the world! 
Now, THAT feels good!
Well, this is who we are and how Money Mavens is designed!
We are women who…
Are the 
Know that 
Have an
This is our tribe's language. ​​​​​​​
Are you One More Woman?
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Hey lady, I’m Jennifer Love – ‘JLove’ to our tribe.
While sitting in the driver's seat as former co-founding CEO, I built NibMor from two gals in a kitchen into an award-winning wholesale chocolate company with our products now distributed internationally in retailers like Costco, Whole Foods and CVS. 

I’ve been involved in raising over $100+ million and have prepared entrepreneurs to land some of the most impressive deals on Shark Tank. With a front row seat, I’ve had the honor of advising celebrities and CEOs of Fortune 200 companies from the likes of Roche to Ron Perlman to Cardinale Group and many, many others.
I know what it’s like to stand in those high heels of yours. 

I’ve experienced the real life business challenges and struggles of making ends meet to pay staff, to landing a huge account that I couldn’t fulfill the order of
(aka: growing so fast that I almost went out of business), to (insert record scratch) devaluing a funding round because I was undervaluing myself. 

Believe me, I know what it’s like being a woman in business and the roller coaster ride that comes along with it. 

That’s why I created One More Woman. 

So you can experience exponential growth and take the fast track to financial freedom - all without so much blood, sweat, and tears as I did!

(aka: time wasted, money wasted, and feeling alone)
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Hi, I'm Maria Love!
One More Woman's
Soul Champion!

As the daughter of two entrepreneurs, I began working at a very young age. I started my own business while I was still a teenager (I had my EIN memorized before my SSN!), and have been a successful and grateful entrepreneur ever since. My skill-set is vast and therefore, I connect with and support people with myriad backgrounds.

I love following my divine guidance and the excitement of creating impactful offerings for those I work with based on my gifts, their needs, and a good bit of research. For the past 20+ years, I have been co-running an Award-Winning Empowerment and Leadership Program that serves youth and adults living in the inner-city and beyond. We've grown this grassroots organization past six figures and impacted well over a hundred thousand lives in the process!

Being a part of the One More Woman team allows me to help even more people live richer, more amazing lives! I'm looking forward to connecting with you and cheering you on this amazing journey!

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What is Money Mavens All About?
Money Mavens is a monthly advisory program that provides the support, resources, and process to accelerate your business growth.
Advisory Support – This is where the gold mine is! You will meet every month your group and advisor for 90 minutes. Each month will focus on a different topic - all aimed at supporting your relationship with money, your business growth, and ultimitely, increasing your revenue. 
Let's chat mindset, owning your worth, and all the wonderful and challenging aspects of entreneurship. Leave the calls with a deeper understanding of yoourself as an entreprenur and actionable steps to implement right away.  ​​​​​​​
Monthly Training Videos from our advisory board of experts to further support your your growth and increase your skills. Similar to your Advisory Calls, each month will be a different topic and we'll focus in on areas such as Pricing, Sales, Revenue Targets, Budgeting, Marketing, Setting Goals, Delegation, Cash Flow, and so much more! All inspired by our authentic leadership and abundance mindset essence. You'll be able to watch and learn from your office or your favorite chair - or both! 
Accountability – Staying accountable with your work is the [not-so] secret to success - (yep, you’ve got to actually do the work to get the rewards - and oh, how sweet those rewards are!!) Ultimately, all factors of your membership will keep you accountable.  Advisory calls are held monthly plus additional weekly M-A-P calls (Monday Accountability + Planning) will be the essence of SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY. You will be given tips and tasks to implement, and when we meet again? You bet we will hold you accountable to them!
Community – Here at One More Woman, we truly believe that #WeWinTogether. Our group of Mavens are a driven, vulnerable, and supportive tribe that will continually have your back. Whether connecting in our FB group, monthly face-to-face calls, or any of our in-person meet-ups, we thrive off of community connections & relationships. Oh, and it's not uncommon to have a virtual dance party together, either! 
QuickBooks FREE for 90 Days!
Private invites and discounts to stellar member-only  Events including Salon Meetups and Exclusive Masterminds!
But Don't Just Take It From Me!
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
How It's Delivered
This thoughtfully designed accelerator program is everything you need to dominate your industry, hit 6 figures, and continue climbing!
LIVE MONTHLY ADVISORY CALLS (with surprise experts from time to time)
You Don't Need Another Cookie Cutter Program
You need a program that’s the #RealDeal, an accelerator designed specifically for you and one that's been tested over time. You need a program with live accountability and empowerment calls that will help bring clarity to your challenges and support you in overcoming roadblocks as they arise.

The experience of entrepreneurship is as varied as entrepreneurs, themselves.
We’re not here to lead you from a distance. We’re here cheering you on, step-by-step, and giving you the direction, skills, and tools you need to grow your business in a healthy and powerful way.
The opportunity for breakthroughs here are endless!
Join the Movement! 
No One Wins Alone...
Are you One More Woman who’s ready to STEP UP and absofrigginglutely completely own your worth?

Are you One More Woman who’s ready to bust through your money blocks and make 6 figures this year?

Are YOU...
One More Woman?
And The Best Part Is 
You could choose to do this on your own, but it’s not going to be as fun, as quick, or as effective as it will be with a tribe of women, advisors, and fearless leaders who #HaveYourBack. 
#CEOit with your new
$100k (& beyond) is within your reach!
Sign Me Up!
Do you ever meet up in person? Yes! We have live events and meet-ups throughout the year in major cities across North America that you will be invited to and/or receive deep membership discounts to attend.
Do I need a business to be able to join? Yes, Money Mavens is for those entrepreneurs 
who’ve already launched a business and are ready to really grow it.
And if you still have that full-time or part-time job on the side - great, it's part of the path to 
becoming an entrepreneur!  
(Our goal is to help you make the leap to running your biz full time!)
How long does the membership last? Money Mavens is a monthly membership program designed to accelerate your business growth. It's based on your monthly advisory calls and video trainings. (As you grow through this monthly program, you may want to graduate into our Money Masters program). Ultimately, you decide how long your membership lasts. There is no contract and you can end it at anytime with a standard 30 day notice. (You will not be able to log in to get previous content if you cancel).
What kind of business do I need to have? Money Mavens is industry agnostic - 
Whether you’re service based, product based, brick and mortar – you will be able to take this membership and apply it to the growth of your biz. 
Here’s what happened within the first 60 days for a few women who joined our Beta Program…
“I closed 60K worth of business in 48 hours and I’ve never felt more powerful than I did in that moment.”
“This work is challenging me emotionally -
it's exactly what I need right now.”
“I closed a $100K contract with a strategic partner and got hired as a public speaker for an internationally known company.”
Are YOU...
One More Woman?
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