We are rolling out big things at One More Woman. Big things on a redistribution of wealth scale.


More on that soon, but a teaser for now … we call it the Love Economy, and it’s coming for you!


But right now, I need to address something else. I’m no longer okay sitting on the sidelines while current events highlight how women are treated.


Because how women are treated affects our lives, our businesses, our communities, our families, our country, our environment, the planet … and ultimately you. Every last one of you, female or male, young or old, because we’re either moving towards a just society that prizes equality for women, or we’re moving in the opposite direction.


Let me give you an example from my own life: Many years ago, I was out raising money for one of my companies. My business partner and I entered the first meeting with a venture capitalist for this round of funding. You can imagine how excited we were at the opportunity.


But … not so fast. We sat down with the venture capitalist and he proceeded to tell us that my business partner was too skinny, that his wife was too fat, and that I was “perfect.” He then tried to dismiss my business partner from the meeting, and when she refused, he tried to get me to join him at his office to “work.” Of course, I refused. And by the time we returned to our office, stunned at the experience, he had left me a total of eight texts or voicemails complaining that I wasn’t responding fast enough and that I had refused to join him at his office to “work.”


Not okay!


And so let me ask you: do we really want to put a man in the White House that epitomizes this behavior? That epitomizes the Rape Culture? That epitomizes this sort of business environment for women?

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Economics and politics are not separate, and women will lose economically (in fact, everybody will lose economically) if a man like this enters office.


We cannot let that happen. So we need your voice, and your vote, to prevent this from happening and to protect women’s rights. Election day is November 8th. Make sure you are registered to vote. A great, easy site to register is here.


Your voice matters. Our voice matters. Together, let’s take a stand … One More Woman and One More Man at a time!


Let’s hear your thoughts over here.


And stay tuned for more about what we can do to improve the economy for women.


Until then,


Jennifer Love, Visionary CEO

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