"Know the power of women in leadership" says the plaque at the feet of a new statue of a defiant young girl, in front of the Wall Street Bull.

State Street Global Advisors, with around $2.5 trillion under management, announced "it would pressure 3,500 companies worth $30 trillion in market cap to aim for gender parity on their boards" (Fortune) and built this statue in the heart of the world's financial capital.

Now THIS is something we can get behind. Thank you SSGA for recognizing the NEED for women in boardrooms- not just because they deserve to be there, but also because women will push the bottom line and take business to soaring new heights.

"Chris Ailman, chief investment officer of CalSTRS, said the statue "boldly signals to financial markets that the future depends on investing in the power of women. We all need to lean in and be bold for change now."' (Fortune).

Women are nurturers. Women are supporters. Women are brilliant, driven beings who posses a power to connect, uplift and succeed.

Know the power of women in leadership- because if you don't, you are most simply missing out.