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We see a gap between the management of finances and the impact women entrepreneurs want to make with their business.
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How To: Re-Write Your Money Story to GROW Your Business

What do stories do for us? Stories are simply a constellation of our emotions, our belief systems, our values, sometimes the images that we see. It gives meaning to our experiences in life, right? What I find interesting about stories, is that when we experience...

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Get Outside, Lady! World Environment Day

The hard truth: Our world is the beautiful engine of all basic elements that keep us alive, well and happy. Today is World Environment Day. A day to acknowledge, understand, and act on the concerns of our ever changing, broken world. One More Woman is a believer of...

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A Weekend of Powerful Reflections

This weekend as we remember and honor those who protected and served in our country’s armed forces I feel deep gratitude for America. I’m proud to be a citizen of the United States and proud of our heritage. In an unstable political environment, in a world where a man...

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