The hard truth: Our world is the beautiful engine of all basic elements that keep us alive, well and happy.

Today is World Environment Day. A day to acknowledge, understand, and act on the concerns of our ever changing, broken world.

One More Woman is a believer of change! A believer of doing our part in focusing on ending financial gender inequality which will lead to massive impacts on economic growth, strong institutions, more opportunity, and overall well-being. We are proud of our community and the fearless leaders that are all part of the movement!

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE >> Because every little action snowballs together to create abundant amounts of good and change in our world. Question is, what will you do to contribute to World Environment Day? Here’s there of our favorite ideas:

  • SAY NO: to anything that doesn’t serve you like plastic bags at the grocery store - bring your own cloth bags (keep one in your purse or car so you never forget).
  • TURN IT OFF: the water that is. If you turn off the water when you brush your teeth, you can save up to 11 litres of water. (That’s a lot!)
  • UPCYCLE: Think about borrowing, sharing, donating, instead of buying and keeping.
    Most importantly, make it fun! The United Nation’s theme this year is ‘Connecting People to Nature.’ LOVE THIS! Get your booty out the door and CONNECT – with yourself and the world around you. We promise that when you do, you will find the magic in what matters most– especially if you LEAVE YOUR TECHNOLOGY BEHIND. 😉

The magic of a deep connection to nature is how it reenergizes your love for why you started your business. As you connect with yourself and nature, remember that you’ve got to take care of YOU before you can take care of anyone else. That means you MUST design your business around your life, not your life around your business. Looking for a fun and impactful environment to help guide you through the process? Join us at our upcoming mastermind – we’ll have you connected, ready to actually achieve your goals and not just set them, AND take you on an incredible hike in beautiful Santa Barbara. Sound too good to be true – it’s not. Join us for our upcoming adventure!

Your commitment to upcycle and recycle is truly appreciated by this team here at One More Woman. So thank you for all that you do to make this world a better place. Happy World Environment Day!

P.S.This year’s host country for #WorldEnvironmentDay is Canada. As Canada is less than one month away from its 150th birthday celebrations, we are proud to connect with all our Canadian members. Looking ahead to a location for our fall events – Canada, we’re coming for ya!