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Know the Power of Women in Leadership

"Know the power of women in leadership" says the plaque at the feet of a new statue of a defiant young girl, in front of the Wall Street Bull.State Street Global Advisors, with around $2.5 trillion under management, announced "it would pressure 3,500 companies worth...

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Walk Your High Wire

I'll never forget the first time I read Philippe Petit's story. In August of 1974 he spent 45 minutes making eight passes across a 26' high-wire (1350 feet above the ground) tied across each Twin Tower in NYC. The World Trade Center had just opened. Petit was 24 years...

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The Love Economy is Coming! (Women Are Poised to Lead the Way)

We are rolling out big things at One More Woman. Big things on a redistribution of wealth scale. More on that soon, but a teaser for now … we call it the Love Economy, and it’s coming for you! But right now, I need to address something else. I’m no longer...

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The One Easy Step to Change Oh Sh^#! to Oh Great!

Have you ever realized that your competition is doing the exact same thing as you? This is what we can call an “Oh Shit!” Moment.  Most businesswomen are destined to experience it at one point or another. Let me tell you about mine. I had a meeting with...

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Make Yourself a Hot Date...With Your Money

This article has to do with Math and Money … wait wait wait, don’t flee the scene! That used to be my attitude, too.  In fact, if you are anything like me you may have even struggled terribly through math, dreading every moment of it. And if you were brought up...

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How Clarity and Confidence Help Business Funding

Before you can confidently begin the process to acquire funding for your business, you need to have a clear picture of what you’ll be using the money for.Expand Your BeliefsFor starters, you need to be absolutely convinced in your own mind that your business is primed...

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Taking more risks: The path to success for female entrepreneurs

Often the biggest business growth and success comes from taking a calculated risk and then putting all your hard work and resources behind it. But the very nature of risk means there’s no guarantee, which is why many entrepreneurs—particularly women—tend to be risk...

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